If you’re setting out camping, then it’s important to bring along some fire starters that will work in any situation. And one of those should be something that will work in windy conditions. For that, we recommend a windproof lighter to get the job done.

Below we’ll share four of the best windproof lighters for camping that we’ve seen, as well as tips on what to look for when shopping for one of these. Read more about usb lighter.

What To Consider Before Buying

While there’s no doubt that the Zippo is the most commonly used among the campers that I know, it’s not a good idea for you to just go with whatever is most popular. Instead, you should consider your needs and pick the lighter that works best for your style of camping. We’ve got a few tips to make that easier for you.

Why Choose A Windproof Lighter?

You never know what type weather conditions that you’re going to end up in out the woods, and that why a windproof lighter should always be in your gear bag.

You see, this type of lighter is designed to work in high wind situations, such as up to 80 to 90 miles per hour of wind.

Types of Windproof Lighters

Among the various windproof lighters on the market, you will find that they are available in a few different fuel types.

  • Flame
  • Jet
  • USB

Flame lighters are the most common on the market, with Zippo being the most commonly used out there. They work really well out in the field and are very easy to use. Oc course, they’re note 100% weather resistant.

Jet lighters are butane lighters that give a stable in all types of winds and will hold steady in any kind of weather.

USB lighters are electric lighters that don’t require any fuel source other than electricity. If you happen to have a solar panel or a Biolite stove with a USB charger, then this is a great option to keep in your pack. Plus, this type also works well in wind.

Fuel Tank Capacity

The amount of uses that you’ll get from your lighter is an important thing to consider. The longer you’re out in the wilderness, the larger fuel capacity that you’ll need from your lighter.

Electric USB lighters often have between 200 and 300 uses from a full charge.

Jet and fuel lighters typically offer about a weeks worth of moderate usage, but do be sure to check your fuel tank size before heading out camping with your lighter.


It is important that you choose a lighter that is durable and won’t break if you drop it while you’re making your way to the camp spot. The last thing you want to have happen is end up with a broken lighter than can’t spark a flame for you to make a camp fire at night.

The best camping lighters can take a drop on the ground and keep working like new. So, avoid lighters that have a plastic exterior. Instead, look for something with a steel exterior, like a classic Zippo lighter.