7 essential oils which help in sleep and depression

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Life has become stressful and exhausting these days. If you want to keep yourself physically healthy and mentally ready, it is important to take proper rest and adequate sleep. Records suggest that more and more people are falling prey to depression. Many find it difficult to have a peaceful and relaxing sleep. There are many remedial ways which can help you sleep calmly. But using essential oils for sleep is a natural way that not only gives you a good night’s sleep but also pumps up your mood. This ancient method for battling stress and depression is becoming increasingly popular. Many counselors also suggest the use of these essential oils to assist the remission process. Here are some essential oils which are widely used for the purpose.

  • Lavender¬†

Lavender is one of the most rigorously researched essential oil. It has been associated with sleep and relaxation for the longest time. … Read More